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Approch shot to the 15th

Approch shot to the 15th


Saturday Stableford Roll Up 03/08/2019
1st: Steve Moore 40 pts,
2nd: James Allum 38 pts,
3rd: Keith Brimson 37 pts.

Friday Roll Up 02/08/2019
1st: Matthew Brooks 41 pts,
2nd: Richard Vanstone 35 pts,
3rd: Neil Prior 33 pts.

Wednesday Stableford 31/07/2019
1st: John Winter 41 pts cb,
2nd: JJ Ham 41 pts cb,
3rd: Marcus Dove 41 pts.

Sunday Roll Up Stableford 28/07/2019
1st: Curtis Penaligon 38 pts,
2nd: Neil Prior 37 pts,
3rd: Troy Roberts 36 pts.

Captain’s Charity Day Roll Up – 27/07/2019
1st: Steven Bassett & Kevin Smith 44 pts,
2nd: Carl Kinson & Marcus Dove 43 pts cb,
3rd: John Flaschka & Neil Allum 43 pts.

Friday Yellow Tee Roll Up 26/07/2029
1st: Ashley Rookes 43 pts,
2nd: Tony Brown 41 pts,
3rd: Martin Pengelly 39 pts.

Ladies Stableford 25/07/2019
1st: Jan Varvel 36 pts cb,
2nd: Susan Broderick 36 pts,
3rd: Ann Legg 35 pts.

Wednesday Stableford 24/07/2019
1st: Rob Oates 46 pts,
2nd: Malcolm Watchcorn 41 pts,
3rd: Steven Bassett 39.

Jubillee Cup 3 Person Texas Scramble 21/07/2019
1st: Ben Sclater, Jake Brock & Jonathan Skinner nett 56.6 cb,
2nd: Sam Williams, James Allum & Paul Eaton nett 56.6,
3rd: Mark Crocker, Mark Commins & Ed Poultney nett 58.1.

Saturday Roll-up Stableford 20/07/2019
1st: Robert Baker 35 pts,
2nd: Chris Hayter 34 pts,
3rd: Jamie Laing 34 pts.

Ladies’ Bogey Challenge (over 2 Rounds) 18/07/2019
1st: Nikki Hunt + 5,
2nd: Lesley Turpin + 3,
3rd: Frances Lewes-Palmer -1.

Club Wednesday Stableford 17/07/2019
1st: James Allum 43 pts,
2nd: Mark Heaver 39 pts,
3rd: Keith Broderick 38 pts.

Vets’ Individual Stableford 16/07/2019
Division 1
1st: Iain Reynolds 38 pts,
2nd: Keith Broderick 37 pts cb,
3rd: John Pearce 37 pts.
Division 2
1st: Ted Harwood 35 pts cb,
2nd: Ron Bates 35 pts,
3rd: Dave Cann 34 pts.

Martin Cup Round 2 14/07/2019
1st: Jake Brock nett 65 cb,
2nd: Malcolm Watchorn nett 65,
3rd: Lee Chudley nett 69,

Centenary Cup 13/07/2019
1st: Alan Belton nett 62,
2nd: Barry Tucker nett 64,
3rd: Tim Aggett nett 67.

Ladies’ Bogey Challenge Round 1 11/07/2019
1st: Nikki Hunt + 2,
2nd: Heather Petty + 1 cb,
3rd: Lesley Turpin + 1.

Club Wednesday Stableford 10/07/2019
1st: Elliot Smith 41 pts,
2nd: Thomas Houghton 38 pts cb,
3rd: Paul Skidmore 38 pts.

Kerswell / Rabbits Cup Medal 07/07/2019
1st: Alex Mcmackin nett 67 cb,
2nd: Wayne Ebdon nett 67 cb,
3rd: Shaun Greenaway nett 67.

Club Saturday Stableford 06/07/2019
1st: Derek Shaw 35 pts,
2nd: Paul Doran 35 pts,
3rd: Sam Finnimore 35 pts.

Ladies’ Invitation Day 04/07/2019
The Warren Ladies’ Invatation was fun day with 44 players competing in various categories plus some extra prizes. The afternoon was rounded off with a choice of american style foods to reflect USA Independance Day.

18 holes Warrener & Guest Betterball Stableford
1st: Frances Lewes-Palmer & Tracy Crooks
2nd: Gina Redman & Jenny Plummer
3rd: Teresa Barrett & Eve Andrews

18 Hole Betterball Warreners
1st: Jan Varvel & June Cassidy

10 Hole Warreners’ Individual Stableford
1st: Carole Hort

10 Hole Guest Individual Stableford
1st: Anne Bennett

Nearest the Pin 5th: Tracy Crooks
Nearest the Pin 13th: Gina Redman

Club Wednesday Stableford 03/07/2019
1st: Mark Clements 41 pts,
2nd: Derek Owen 41 pts,
3rd: Ben Sclater 39 pts.

Vets’ Jimmy Jackson Foursomes 02/07/2019
1st: Geoff Rogers & Dave Cann 38 pts,
2nd: Terry Thorne & Iain Reynolds 36 pts,
3rd: Ted Harwood & Colin Thompson 34 pts cb.

Peterkin Salver 30/06/2019
The Warren’s second 36 hole event in quick succession saw Mark Commins crowned Peterkin Salver Winner with a record-breaking nett 131 total (7 under!). Sam Williams stormed the Scratch with 65 & 68 beating the field by impressive 13 shots! Both players were quick to praise the course especially the greens for being a pleasure to putt on, so well done to the Warren’s Greens Staff.

Club Saturday Stableford 29/06/2019
1st: Jason Hayman 40 pts,
2nd: Russell Blythe 40 pts,
3rd: Ed Poultney 39 pts.

Ladies’ Express & Echo Stableford – Qualifier for Devon Golf Competition 27/06/2019
1st: Alison Marsh & Sarah Thomas 31 pts,
2nd: Kaz Sampson & Teresa Barrett 30 pts,
3rd: Frances Lewes-Palmer & Jean Halliday 28 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 26/06/2019
1st: Sam Washbourn 39 pts,
2nd: Oliver Drewe 39 pts,
3rd: Philip Jones 38 pts.

Vets’ 3 Clubs & Putter 25/06/2019
Division 1
1st: Martyn Beckett 37 pts,
2nd: John Pearce 34 pts,
3rd: Adrian Jacobs33 pts.

Division 2
1st: Colin Ofield 40 pts,
2nd: John Sampson 33 pts cb,
3rd: Stuart Piperr 33 pts,

Men’s Club Championship 22 & 23 /06/2019
Handicap Champion – 18 holes on 1 day
1st: Simon Carr nett 64,
2nd: David Hodges nett 65,
3rd: Paul Jackson nett 66

Scratch Champion – 36 holes over 2 days
1st: James Allum gross 68 + 73 = 141
2nd: Sam Williams gross 69 + 75 = 144
3rd: Chris McGill gross 72 + 77 = 149

Ladies’ Captain’s Day 20/06/2019
The Ladies’ Captain, Jenni Bee, ran a successful and fun day. Highlights of the day were assistance with putting from Pro Jody Bee on the 1st, drives taken by Ben Sclater on the 9th for a charity donation, nearest the pins, muligans plus drinks and a fun putting competition on the 10th.
In preparation for the day, Captain Jenni ran a blind auction for numerous great prizes kindly donated by local businesses, other local golf clubs and the Warren. This was suplemented on the day by a small auction in the Clubhouse. A fabulous combined total of £894 was raised for her charity, AIMS. AIMS is a Dawlish group that provides activity sessions every Saturday for children with Special Needs and their families. AIMS gives the parents, whose everyday existence can be stressful and lonely, a chance to mix with other parents and families facing similar challenges while their children, including siblings, are having a great time.
1st: Lesley Turpin 42 pts,
2nd: Jean Halliday 39 pts,
3rd: Jan Varvel 38 pts.
Nearest the pin 5th and 13th: Jan Varvel.
10 hole winner: Beryl Harrison
Spider Putting Competion:
18 hole winner Heather Petty
10 hole winner Pam Stanaway

Club Wednesday Stableford 19/06/2019
1st: Simon Carr 41 pts,
2nd: James Allum 40 pts,
3rd: Derek Owen 39 pts.

Vets’ Mike White Medal (Eclectic Rd 2) 18/06/2019
Division 1
1st: Eric Whiteman nett 62,
2nd: Geoffrey Aylett nett 66,
3rd: Pete Dixon nett 70.
Division 2
1st: Colin Ofield nett 72 cb,
2nd: Graham Horton nett 72 cb,
3rd: Frank Waister nett 72 cb.

Millennium Cup 16/06/2019
1st: Elliot Smith nett 65,
2nd: Darren Bingham nett 69,
3rd: Keith Brimson nett 70.

Saturday Roll-up Stableford 15/06/2019
1st: Joe Baker 40 pts,
2nd: Colin Blake 39 pts,
3rd: Paul Fryatt 38 pts.

Ladies’ Club Championship 13 & 14/06/2019
The Ladies’ Club Championship was played over two very tough days for golf. For Round 1 everyone played in continous and, at times, very heavy rain plus high winds. Round 2 was dry but still very windy. Jean Dyer triumphed to win not only the scratch Club Championship but also came in top in the handicap competition. Well done Jean!
Club Championship Scratch Competition
1st: Jean Dyer gross 100 + 94 = 194,
2nd: Mary Dummett gross 101+ 97 = 198,
3rd: Kaz Sampson gross 104 + 99 = 203.
The top eight players in the scratch competition also go through to play in the President’s Scrtach knockout. These are: Jean Dyer, Mary Dummett, Kaz Sampson, Sarah Thomas, Alison Marsh, Gina Redman, Heather Petty & Frances Lewes-Palmer.
Club Championship Handicap Competition
1st: Jean Dyer nett 80 + 74 = 154,
2nd: Heather Petty nett 78 + 88 = 166,
3rd: Alison Marsh nett 86 + 81 = 167.

Club Wednesday Stableford 12/06/2019
1st: Simon Carr 41 pts,
2nd: James Allum 40 pts,
3rd: Derek Owen 39 pts.

Club Sunday Stableford 09/06/2019
1st: Robbie Hallam 35 pts cb,
2nd: Craig Townsend 35 pts cb,
3rd: Joe Baker 35 pts.

Colonel Creasy Salver- 36 Hole 3 Man Team Team – 1 Score to Count Medal 08/06/2019
1st: Miles Dashwood, Alex Mackin & John Ponsford nett 119
2nd: Paul Skidmore, Richard Reid & Phillip Jones nett 121 cb,
3rd: Elliot Smith, Laurie McKellan, & James Parkhouse nett 121.

Ladies’ Crocus Greensome – Qualifier for Devon Golf Competition 06/06/2019
Silver Qualifiers: Gina Redman & Jean Dyer.
Bronze Qualifiers: Joy Tothill & Teresa Barrett.

Club Wednesday Stableford 05/06/2019
1st: Shaun Greenaway 39 pts cb,
2nd: Simon Coleman 39 pts cb,
3rd: Pete Wilson 39 pts.

Club Sunday Stableford 02/06/2019
1st: Rob Baker 36 pts,
2nd: Damon Robbins 32 pts,
3rd: Lee Fryatt 32 pts.

Saturday Club Stableford 01/06/2019
1st: Jamie Laing 38 pts,
2nd: Chris Drewe 37 pts,
3rd: Heath McDonald 37 pts.

Ladies’ Centenary Trophy (Par) 30/05/2019
1st: Sue Broderick +2,
2nd: Gill Fenwick 0,
3rd: Mary Dummett -1.

Club Wednesday Stableford 29/05/2019
1st: Colin Ofield 44 pts,
2nd: Wayne Ebdon 41 pts,
3rd: Simon Coleman 38 pts.

Vets’ Mike White Medal (Eclectic Round 1) 28/05/2019,
Division 1
1st: Eric Whiteman nett 68 cb,
2nd: Geoffrey Aylett nett 68,
3rd: Anthony Sluman nett 72.
Division 2
1st: Stuart Piper nett 70,
2nd: Chris Swain nett 71,
3rd: Peter Wood nett 72.

Club Sunday Stableford 26/05/2019
1st: Darren Burridge 39 pts,
2nd: Alan Belton 38 pts,
3rd: Colin Blake 38 pts.

Campbell Cup – Pairs Medal 25/05/2019
1st: Paul Doran & Steve Medway nett 60,
2nd: Marcus Dove & Heath McDonald nett 62,
3rd: Wayne Stamenkovic & Mark Commins nett 63.

Ladies’ Ping Qualifier 4 Ball Better Ball 23/05/2019
1st: Jan Varvel & Alison Marsh 43 pts,
2nd: Kaz Sampson & Sue Broderick 39 pts,
3rd: Ann Legg & Mary Dummett 38 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 22/05/2019
1st: Michael Beales 42 pts,
2nd: Matthew Perryman 39 pts,
3rd: Rodney Sampson 38 pts.

Vets’ Texas Scramble 21/05/2019,
1st: Miles Dashwood, Peter West & Chris Swain nett 63.6
2nd: John Dickenson, Ken Duringer & Peter Buckler nett 64.9,
3rd: Kevin Savill, David Lesser & Stuart Piper nett 65.7.

Club Sunday Stableford 19/05/2019
1st: Robbie Hallam 41 pts,
2nd: Greg Norbury 40 pts,
3rd: Paul Fryatt 39 pts.

Captain’s Charity Betterball 18/05/2019
1st: Stephen Rew & David Coren 46 pts cb,
2nd: Paul Bowler & Barry Tucker 46 pts cb,
3rd: Richard Reid & Paul Skidmore 46 pts cb.

Ladies’ Mayer Cup Medal 16/05/2019
1st: Lesley Turpin nett 69,
2nd: Sarah Thomas nett 76 cb,
3rd: Gina Redman nett 76.

Club Wednesday Stableford 15/05/2019
1st: Wayne Konetsky 43 pts,
2nd: Jason Rabbage 41 pts,
3rd: Kevin Morgan 39 pts.

Vets Three Man Stableford 14/05/2019
1st: Phil Mitchell, Colin Ofield & Ted Hanson 83
2nd: Graham Horton, Alan Banks & Peter Wood 80
3 Malcolm James, Roger Bloomfield & Stuart Piper 79 cb.

Martin Cup Eclectic Round 12/05/2019
1st: Richard Vanstone nett 67,
2nd: Mike Phillips nett 68,
3rd: Curtis Penaligon nett 68.

Saturday Club Stableford 11/05/2019
1st: Sam Finnimore 37 pts,
2nd: Sam Washbourn 37 pts,
3rd: Paul Harrison 36 pts.

Ladies’ Aussie Spoons Foursome Stableford (England Golf regional qualifier) 09/05/2019
1st: Heather Petty & Maz Stanford 26 pts cb,
2nd: Sarah Thomas & Nikki Hunt 26 pts,
3rd: Jean Dyer & Gina Redman 24 pts.

Lady Vets Killard Leavy Foursome Stableford (Devon Golf qualifier) 09/05/2019
1st: Alison Marsh & Tricia Clarke 28 pts,
2nd: Kaz Sampson & Carol Waister 27 pts,
3rd: Heather Petty & Maz Stanford 26 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 08/05/2019
1st: Michael Beales 38 pts,
2nd: Colin Ofield 35 pts,
3rd: Martin Pengelly 33 pts.

Club Bank Holiday Stableford 06/05/2019
1st: Richard Vanstone 42 pts,
2nd: Wayne Konetsky 39 pts,
3rd: John Mills 35 pts.

Terry Allen Trophy 05/05/2019
1st: Chris Henley nett 65,
2nd: Joe Winsor nett 65,
3rd: Mark Heaver nett 66.

Saturday Club Stableford 04/05/2019
1st: Martin Pengelly 36 pts,
2nd: Joe Winsor 35 pts,
3rd: Alan Belton 35 pts.

Ladies’ Spring Open 02/05/2019
The ladies held their first open of the year on a chilly but fine day. It was teams of three, 2 scores to count, stableford. With a good field of 22 teams it was suitably competitive with the visitors coming out as the majority of the winners. The prizes were presented by this year’s Ladies’ Captain, Jenni Bee.
1st: Jo Head, Monica Digby & Vicky Dimmock (Stover) 83 pts,
2nd: Anne Norman, Liz Mapson & Sue Gannon (Exeter) 80 pts,
3rd: Gina Redman, Jenny Plummer & Jane Vliestra (Warren/Exeter) 78 pts,
4th: Louise Darke, Debbie Parsons & Jenny Rowe (Dainton) 76 pts,
Best Front 9: Barbara Savill, Carol Aired & Marion Warren-Smith (Warren/Henbury/Isle of Wedmore) 39 pts,
Best Back 9: Mona Carter, Chris Pearce & Joan Smith (Honiton) 36 pts.
There were also seven 2’s.

Club Wednesday Stableford 01/05/2019
1st: Michael Beales 39 pts,
2nd: Wayne Ebdon 37 pts,
3rd: Shaun Greenaway 34 pts.

Vets’ 3 Man 1-2-3 Stableford 30/04/2019
1st: Peter West, Roy Gibson & Tony Andres 78 pts,
2nd: Pete Dixon, Peter Wood & Roger Bloomfield 74 pts cb,
3rd: Chris Swain, Ian Wilson & Ken Brighton 74 pts.

Club Sunday Stableford 28/04/2019
1st: Geoff Konetsky 43 pts,
2nd: Keith Broderick 42 pts,
3rd: Glyn Broome 41 pts.

Saturday Club Individual Stableford 27/04/2019
In light of the very un-spring-like weather with winds gusting to over 50 mph and some very heavy showers, sadly the original Peterkin Salver was postponed. However a valiant field of 16 still went out to play some golf and returned some reasonable scores considering the wind at times was strong enough to move a ball off a tee or across a green!
1st: Peter Morris 32 pts,
2nd: John Pearce 32 pts,
3rd: Paul Ham 31 pts.

Ladies’ St George’s Medal Qualifier 25/04/2019
1st: Susan Broderick nett 74,
2nd: Barbara Savill nett 75,
3rd: Jan Varvel nett 78.

Club Wednesday Stableford 24/04/2019
1st: James Parkhouse 38 pts,
2nd: Peter Morris 37 pts,
3rd: Rob Oates 34 pts.

Vets’ Individual Qualifier Stableford 23/04/2019
Division One
1st: Phillip Pearson 43 pts,
2nd: Adrian Jacobs 39 pts,
3rd: Marc Davis 38 pts.
Division 2
1st: Martyn Thomas 42 pts cb,
2nd Mike Redman 42 pts,
3rd: Tony Andrews 39 pts.

Easter Monday Club 4 Person, 2 scores to count, Stableford 22/04/2019
1st: Paul Harrison, Lee Phillips, Simon Carr & S. Wills 88 pts,
2nd: Mike Phillips, Russell Blythe, Darren Ley & Barrie Keith 82 pts,
3rd: Jonathan Skinner, James Allum, Heath McDonald & Carl Kinson 81 pts.

Warren Teams’ News 21/04/2019
The Warren Men’s SDL campaign got off to a solid start taking 3 precious points off Stover at their place. Stover was in very good condition and a credit to its greenkeepers. James Allum and Ed Poultney took their match down the last and prevailed winning 2 up after a great drive and a measured approach from James resulting in a concession from Stover. Sam Williams and Paul Eaton were strong enough to run out 5 & 4 winners while Si Colman and Ian Jones continued their strong start to the season as a pairing winning 2 & 1. In a league where every point counts 3 from the first game was as good as anyone has done away from home.

Easter Saturday Club Individual Stableford 20/04/2019
1st: Mark Harris 36 pts,
2nd: Neil Prior 35 pts,
3rd: Andrew Hitchman 34 pts.

The Good Friday Club Stableford 19/04/2019
1st: Chris Henley 42 pts,
2nd: Jonathan Skinner 40 pts,
3rd: Lee Chudley 38 pts.

Ladies’ Easter Texas Scramble 18/04/2019
1st: Gill Fenwick, Joy Tothill & Jan Wright 74.4,
2nd: Kaz Sampson, Frances Lewes-Palmer & Marlene Dyment 75.1,
3rd: Jean Dyer, Ann Legg & Leslie Turpin 76.0.

Club Wednesday Stableford 17/04/2019
1st: Andrew Thompson 40 pts,
2nd: Gary Dimond 39 pts,
3rd: Jonathan Ham 38 pts,

Club Sunday Stableford 14/04/2019
1st: Matthew Brooks 36 pts,
2nd: Paul Fryatt 30 pts,
3rd: Lee Phillips 29 pts.

Warren Teams’ News 14/04/2019
The start of the week saw a friendly Lady Vets’ match against Torquay at home end in a friendly draw of 3.5 to 3.5 with 3 matches going to final putts on the 18th. The Warren Ladies’ Devon League team then ended the week on a high of a victory of 4 to 2 against Yelveton at home.

On Sunday the Warren Men’s team prevailed in a tough match against Thurlston in the Annodata Matchplay knockout first round. The resulting victory of 4 1/2 to 1/2 is a score line that belies the closeness of the match. Evergreen Tim Agget was clinical in his 5&3 win as was James Allum. Ben Sclater stumbled losing 15 and 16 but came up big holing a 30 footer on 17 for the half then winning the final hole to clinch the tie. Chris “Hitman” Hayter also won on the last. Sam Williams sportingly offered the half which was accepted to end the match 4 1/2 to 1/2 in favour of the Warren.

Warren Masters 13/04/2019
The inaugural Master of the Warren Competition was played on Saturday in extremely testing conditions; an easterly wind lashed the course all day meaning no one got the better of end of the day’s play. A total of 96 players tested themselves on the links with 3 ending tied for the top spot on 35 points. Mark Crocker took the top prize with Mark Jarman and James Parkhouse coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. Colin Ofield took the honours in the Vets division with a tenacious display and 34 points.

Men’s Masters’ Results
1st: Mark Crocker 35 pts cb,
2nd: Mark Jarman 35 pts cb,
3rd: James Parkhouse 35 pts.

Vets’ Masters’ Results
1st: Colin Ofield 34 pts,
2nd: Ted Harwood 31 pts,
3rd: Bob Appleby 29 pts.

Ladies’ Knowles Cup Stableford 11/04/2019
1st: Susan Broderick 35 pts,
2nd: Alison Marsh 34 pts,
3rd: Frances Lewes-Palmer 32 pts.
As Sue Broderick is a second Club member she wins the money but Alison Marsh gets the Knowles Cup so pictured is Alison Marsh on the left and Sue Broderick on the right with the Knowles Cup.

Club Wednesday Stableford 10/04/2019
1st: Michael Beales 39 pts,
2nd: John Ponsford 39 pts,
3rd: Martin Pengelly 38 pts.

Vets’ 3 man Stableford, 2 scores to count 09/04/2019
1st: Phillip Bamford, Stuart Piper & Tony Andrews 85 pts,
2nd: John Dickenson, Terry Thorne & Paul Tunbridge81 pts cb,
3rd: Graham Horton, Ian Wilson & Iain Reynolds 81 pts.

Warren Teams’ News 07/04/2019
The Warren Ladies’ Devon League team had their first outing of the season with an away match at Bigbury. It was a good start to their 2019 campaign with 3 wins, 2 halves and only one lose, so the team came away with 12 points to Bigbury’s 4 points.

Challenge Cup – Mixed Greensomes Open 07/04/2019
Paul Ham & Adi Hough-Bekker (Warren) 39 pts,
Colin Wayman & Jane Wayman (Exeter) 33 pts cb,
Mair Preston-Jones & Noel Preston-Jones (Yelveton) 33 pts.

Club Sunday Stableford 07/04/2019
1st: Tony Melluish 41 pts,
2nd: Joe Winsor 37 pts,
3rd: Darren Burridge 35 pts.

Club Saturday Stableford 06/04/2019
1st: John Ponsford 39 pts,
2nd: Ian Jones 38 pts,
3rd: Scott Singleton 37 pts.

Ladies’ Coronation Foursomes – qualifier for national R & A Competition 04/04/2019
1st: Carole Hort & Mo Wood 29 pts,
2nd: Frances Lewes-Palmer & Jean Halliday 28 pts,
3rd: Heather Petty & Lesley Turpin 24 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 03/04/2019
1st: Andrew Lawrence 37 pts,
2nd: Chris Henley 36 pts,
3rd: Ben Sclater 36 pts.

Vets’ Individual Medal Qualifier 02/04/2019
Division One
1st: Alfie Brooks nett 70,
2nd: Alan Whiteman nett 71,
3rd: Keith Broderick nett 74 cb.
Division Two
1st: Thomas Haynes nett 70,
2nd: Colin Ofield nett 73 cb,
3rd: Bob Appleby nett 73.

Club Sunday Stableford 31/03/2019
1st: Lee Phillips 40 pts,
2nd: Nick Wilden 34 pts,
3rd: Darren Burridge 34 pts.

Warren Seagull Open – Foursomes, any combination of players 30/03/2019
1st: Elliot Smith & Colin McLellan (Warren) nett 70.0,
2nd: Jamie Nickles & Mike Phillips (Warren) nett 70.5 bb9,
3rd: Marcus Dove & Heath McDonald Warren) nett 70.5.

Ladies’ Spring Medal 28/03/2019
The Warren Ladies’ played their first medal qualifier of the season on Thursday. The day was fine and the winds not too tricky although they did reverse direction for many mid round. Barabara Savill played a very tidy nett 74 round to win.
1st: Barbara Savill nett 74,
2nd: Gina REDMAN nett 76,
3rd: Mo Norrish nett 78.

Club Wednesday Stableford 27/03/2019
1st: Peter Morris 41 pts,
2nd: Nick Musgrove 39 pts,
3rd: Darren Ley 37 pts.

Vets’ 4 Ball Better Ball 26/03/2019
1st: Terry Thorne & Dick Hammett 44 pts,
2nd: Andy Gay & Roy Gibson 42 pts,
3rd: B Furnival & Pete Wood 41 pts cb.

Club Sunday Stableford 24/03/2019
1st: Mark Heaver 37 pts,
2nd: Geoff Konetsky 36 pts,
3rd: Darren Ley 35 pts.

Warren Teams’ News 24/03/2019
The first leg of the Warren’s annual two part Victory Bowl went to the the home side Exeter Golf & Country Club, but not by much! The 3-2 win means things are finely poised for the home leg at fortress Warren. The winning pairs were the evergreen Tim Agget and Barrie Keith and the young(ish) bucks Ian Jones and Simon Colman. All the other matches were close affairs coming down to a few putts on the unpredictable greens. The Captains’ match featuring Rich Williams and Dave Heaton finished all square. Great effort lads.

Club 2-3-4 stableford 23/03/2019
1st: James Nickles, Elliot Smith, Mark Jarman & David Thorne 123 pts,
2nd: Andy Parker, Jason Rabbage, Paul Jackson & Matt Perryman 119 pts,
3rd: Wayne Ebdon, Colin Ofield, Richard Vanstone & Neil Prior 116 pts.

Ladies’ Betterball Stableford 21/03/2019
1st: Jean Dyer & June Cassidy 38 pts,
2nd: Alison Marsh & Mo Norrish 37 pts,
3rd: Marlene Dyment & Gina Redman 37 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 20/03/2019
1st: Gary Dimond 39 pts,
2nd: David Musgrove 37 pts,
3rd: R Folley 37 pts.

Vets’ 3 Man Texas Scramble 19/03/2019
1st: Iain Reynolds, Geoff Rogers & J Hill nett 62.8,
2nd: Roy Clarke, Dave Cann & Roy Beddows nett 63.6,
3rd: Adrian Jacobs, Stuart Piper & Anthony Couch nett 65.4

Club Mixed Betterball Open 16/03/2019
The Warren’s first Mixed Better Ball Open event of the year was played in near impossible conditions, with gusts of over 50mph throughout the day. Praise must go to all who played with nearly a full field of forty-four pairs finishing the event.
Despite the weather Mark Tabram & Stephen Brown from Ferndown Forest came in with a winning score of 41pts. In second place with an equally impressive score was the Warren’s very own John Skinner & James Allun with 40pts. 3rd place went to fellow Warreners Mark Heaver and John Winter just one behind with 39pts.
The next open is the Warren Seagull foursomes on Sunday 30th March, choose your partner wisely!!!

Club Wednesday Stableford 13/03/2019
1st: Gary Dimond 33 pts cb,
2nd: Colin Ofield 33 pts,
3rd: Wayne Ebdon 31 pts

Club Sunday Stableford 10/03/2019
1st: Harry Washbourn 31 pts,
2nd: Ryan Bunn 30 pts cb,
3rd: Troy Roberts 30 pts.

Club Individual Medalford 09/03/2019
A fun event played in very testing conditions produced some good scoring. Paul Jackson won with a stellar back nine of 22 points in very windy conditions. Paul’s final score of 13, his nett front 9 of 35 minus his stunning 22 point back nine. Well played Paul and also congratulations to JJ Ham who tied with Paul but lost out to that whopper of a back nine! This competition format is non qualifying so no handicap ups or downs but thanks to everyone for playing.
1st: Paul Jackson 13
2nd: J J Ham 13
3rd: James Parkhouse 14

Ladies’ Individual 10 hole Stableford 07/03/2019
Due to very heavy rain over night a few holes were out on Thursday morning, so the ladies’ first stableford qualifier of the year had to be changed to a 10 hole fun competition. In such windy and wet conditions nobody seemed to mind too much!
1st: Barbara Savill 18 pts,
2nd: Mary Dummett 17 pts cb,
3rd: Frances Lewes-Palmer 17 pts.

2019 Captain’s: Rich Williams, Jenni Bee & Chris Swain

Captains’ Putt Out & Drive In 02/03/2019
Saturday saw the traditional Warren celebrations to mark the new Captains taking over. Firstly the outgoing Men’s & Ladies’ Captains, Brian Bradford & Frances Lewes-Palmer, putted out on the 18th green. Then the new Captains drove in on the first tee. The new Captains’ drives are measured as there is a sweep stake on how far each will drive with the money going to their charities. Pictured (left to right): Men’s Captain Rich Williams, Ladies’ Captain Jenni Bee and Vets’ Captain Chris Swain. Also part of the celebrations was a fun event 4 person team event with any combination of players and with ladies off red tees, vets off the yellow tees and men off the white tees. The results were:
1st: Paul Jackson, Jason Rabbage, Matt Perryman & Rod Sampson 90 pts,
2nd: James Nickles, David Thorne, Paul Thompson & Alan Hough 88 pts,
3rd: Stephen Rew, Keith Brimson, Dave Hodges & Nikki Hunt 87 pts.

Vets’ Individual 3 Clubs & a Putter 05/03/2019
Division One
1st: Adrian Jacobs 39 pts,
2nd: Iain Roberts 37 pts,
3rd: Kevin Savill 35 pts.
Division Two
1st: Geoff Konetsky 34 pts,
2nd: Tony Andrews 33 pts,
3rd: Ted Harwood 32 pts cb.

Ladies’ 4 Clubs & a Putter Stableford 28/02/2019
1st: Sue Broderick 36 pts,
2nd: Lesley Turpin 29 pts,
3rd: Carole Hort 28 pts.

Club Wednesday Stableford 27/02/2019
1st: Wayne Ebdon 40 pts,
2nd: Thomas Houghton 39 pts,
3rd: Don Carter 39 pts.

Vets’ 3 Man Stableford 26/02/2019
1st: Stuart Piper, Anthony Couch & Tony Sluman 88 pts,
2nd: Geoff Konetsky, Ian Roberts & Tony Rooke 82 pts,
3rd: Dave Lesser, Geoff Rogers & Mike Redman 81 pts.